When people are very known by the others, they need a diferent class of moving. They can not take a particular cab, because the man/woman is driving it, he/she could be a robber or they could be hired to kidnap them and after that to ask money in exchange for; so is necessary to have other alternatives to move or travel among the cities, taking in count that they do not like to drive their own car, even they have. People in France dislike to use a particular taxi, so it is the essencial  factor of creating a VIP services for famous; the first point is the security of them, and take them out of the uncomfortable paparazzi photographers.

A simple view of the inconvenients could be the regulated time of the normal taxis going and down, the price that they charge and the lack of kidness; we can not imagine being in Paris and take a taxi from the Crazy Horse Paris to the Eiffel Tower and last one hour and a half, that is a big fraud!Can you figure out the charge? However we have many differences that create a better environment for famous people, all the privacy that they would like to have, their own localization system to call the closer driver or the person they want to select, the faster and safer way to be on time at the place they have to go, all in just one service.

Several famous people have opted to create their own holy days schedule, and hire the services of taxis, and also choose the driver they want to. Apart of being their driver, they serve like tour guides by the city they go. The drivers know where they find what the customer is looking for, so it is much better and easier go with a guide than just a driver, they pay one only package. As a result they enjoy more the time they spend on their holy days.

Drivers can become even friends with costumers who usually get their services, and have memorable experiences; they have more time to explore the places and in a more comfortable way. As soon as they get the package, they will be enjoying each minute of the trip, because drivers know where the places are and when they are opened; they know the exactly time to arrive before the crowds. Exist more than one advantage to take a VIP taxi and as you can see is an excellent manner to save time and money.

The selection of a particular cab and a VIP taxi is yours! Clear your mind and be honest with yourself, what do you want to get in a tour or what do you want to enjoy? This is a new alternative to go to your job, school or go shopping. In some places the reason to address them like VIP is because they really know the person is driving the cab, he/she could be their friend, even a realtive. But we only find this mean of transport in urban zones, unless you get the number of one of them; certainly is better to the people who live far or want to go for a long way down.

All of we know that a person who look for a taxi is because they need it, either by they do not have a car or they just go to a disco and drink a lots; imagine that when they go out from the bar, take the first cab they find, and that person steals the passenger, or perhaps abuse sexual of his/her, we must become awareness of the dangerous the Street could be. As conclussion the cutomers love to feel safe, and it is easy and safe to hire one VIP taxi driver, they know where they go, and what time they must arrive.

Although we have not idea how many VIP service there are, we could start with a talk, what? Yes, with a simple talk with a cab driver, exchange numbers, take it two or more times, become friends and done!, It is your first private taxi. Now you can contact him/her whenever and wherever you want, it does not matter the time, neither the distance nor the weather, his/her mission is to keep a satisfied customer.

Another thing that the people prefer instead to take a taxi is expose their lives, taking a “fast” bus, we do not know when they could crash or be crashed. One of this common bus are in rural zones and they must take them, because they do not have the facility to take a taxi on the roads and it is cheaper than call a taxi which take them to the place they go. What do you prefer? Speed or security? We find both of them in VIP taxis, take one and enjoy more the travel.

Some of them do not need to have taxi license plate, it is enough to have a car and a serie of contacts who want to move from one to another place, the customer has an exclusive service because the driver is his/her friend; they arrive to the destination in less time and with guaranteed security, although the price could be a little more expensive, or wait! a talk could handle the situation, remember that is a friend who take you to your objective and he/she will think twice how much he can charge you. It is a favorable option since you do not take risks getting an unknown car or going through diferent roads.

Famous people do not take particulars taxis, we could not think, they do; firstly it is a risk, secondly it is going to take a terrible conversation topic; we could say more, but we definitely know, it is not the best way to move for them.

On airports we find several cabs which are waiting for people, they do not really know; they use banners with surnames or start offering the Eiffel Tower or the Wild Reserve Tours,; we do not exactly know the person we move, we just need to offer a quality service if we offer one. In case that you have a friend who offers that kind of service, share his/her number, refer him/her; we do not know who could need a private transportation or what for.

According some pages on the internet, the private taxi can charge you more money, but try by yourself and compare what people say. You must take the adventure and go; famous people do, why do not you do the same? The money is not the principal fact, because if you are interested in travel, you could do it, using or not using this manner. VIP taxis are the solution if you want go faster and safer.

We also find modern taxi service, which are growing in a good way; the more they invest, the more they earn; what is the reason of these words? Have you though about how the big companies have arrived until they are now? Well, you can start a small business, save money, invest, and save again, still investing; that is the secret of success. Start small, but think and believe, you are big. That is the same situation that happen with a man who only had a bus, but he had safe money during his life, now he is one of the principal owners of a transportation system. Make your dreams come true.

VIP taxis system are the present way to move, travel, go shopping or even go camping, take advantage of your friend´s car, of course he is going to ask money, but do not let you quiet, go to the place you have always dreamed. This system is available with famous singers or actors, they are too satisfied to use it; no photographers, no prensa, no interviews; they just worry about enjoying their free time with their family, friends or by themselves. Let apart those movies and stress on the scenaries, just take naps and a relax travel while they share with drivers. They do not have to answer those odious questions, if they want to talk, they have a great interlocutor, but if they want to be quiet, in silence, they have taken the right service.

Those sportmen who just want to enjoy the short free time, they call to a VIP taxi service and it is proved, they are going to spend the best time ever in their holy days. They count with access of massage and spa centers which they can charge to the rate, the best swimming pools ore ven the best beaches routes; the most important thing is the satisfaction of their customers, so they can get in charge to cover all the road which is going to be traveled.

We do not know the celebrity who could contact the service, but those people who do it, they have a verified great travel; they have to know that it may be their best time in a cab or the best moving to the places they have to get. Celebrities ask for adventures and there is not an adventure if it is not safe, they care about the people they move, and make their days can be enjoyed the most. The reality is that is not going to be a personalizing move if it does not have a memorie; that part is made by the customers, they decide what moment is going to be remarkable.

You do not have to worry about all the people asking stop, the VIP taxi is per person, and they are not going to stop, unless you want to; the rentable of this service is unique, you will be reliable, comfortable and with a great treatment. It is a personal attention of quality and sense.

Famous people have been never treated on the way than a VIP driver do, if they do not want to be asked, just going around; but they must to hire packages or a simple call to a private taxi (could be a friend), the finish is the same, to enjoy the vacations wherever place they want to go. There are packages for hours, days, even weeks; usually they use weeks, because their conditions permit it, and their time to enjoy is a little longer than normal, in fact, they also can arrange for rivers or islands; does not matter the place, contact one private cab and start enjoying the time, not only on holy days, anyday you want to travel; the service is just on one call of distance.

Even if they have travelled a lots, they have not known the experience to share or go with a VIP taxi, more comfort, more security and more reliable talks; they also offer the use of english and french, so if it is easier for you to talk in one or another; the right roads to go, forget that missing ways, the extra charge and the waste of time; travel as easy as you like, enjoy as the way you want. They also can take you from the hotel or your own house and move you to your destination, wait for you and take you back.

VIP taxis still growing and have gained experience during this short time. The world is changing and the means of transportation too; as all the things are starting, they are not too reliable yet, but is the beginning; they could become in the most trusted way to move, maybe in months, probably in years, but now you could take part of this.

The development of the VIP service is in process; there are many things to change, anothers to improve and a lot of money to invest; as everything, it needs to be known by all the people who want or like to travel; to those people who love to break the rules, out of routines and enjoy more than before; we already know, it is a service that is among us, we only have to know who exactly offer it or why not to create our own private taxi service, that is a good idea; we could imagine being a fan, how  could move the celebrities we want.

These cars have a security system, because they take passengers without a circulation permit, in addition we say, “they do not exist” -in laws- , but we all know what number call to.

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